Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

three chapters in three weeks. no, i don't expect to keep this pace up, the remaining four sections are heavy. we did the easiest first. but we have at least one sample chapter to send with the proposal.

and that is my job right now, this book proposal. and the one sheet. we half finished it and temporarily abandoned it. i'll get it done this weekend.

everything now is getting ready to go to my doctor's appointment. i'm so nervous about going alone that i'm not at all nervous about meeting a new doctor.

i have my CD player loaded with new batteries, found the headphones doc borrowed and put them together on the couch. my clothes are laying out. i have a towel in my bag to dry off with when i get there. and i have a bottle of ice water chilling in the fridge. and i have my paperwork that i needed to fill out for the new doctor.

we have to fill out doc's benefits package tonight so the insurance can start. i need to find a dentist near here or on a bus route i know. getting my teeth fixed is paramount now as i try to beautify myself for future publicity. hee.

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