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let it out to the universe

i want a kitten. i've been going through journals and seeing pictures of henry and i miss him so much. stupid cat. he was my fuzzle buddy. leeloo has tried to take his place. she sleeps at my feet all day, she comes into the bathroom and meows at me, she even sleeps between doc and i on the couch when we are sitting there together. she curls up in bed with us. she's really stepped up into the alpha cat when it comes to loving. jack is still too young to want to be with the humans. he comes in for love when i'm in the bedroom, or he leads me into doc's bedroom (let's be honest, it's jack's bedroom, he's the only one that sleeps in there) for fuzzles on doc' low bed. and then there's chloe that sits up on the desk while i'm working and lets me type around her.

doc is four square against a new kitten.

and now alisa has weighed in, no kitten. i have no time to train a new kitten right now and she doesn't want me distracted on my publicity tour.

so no kitten. i see the wisdom.

but i still miss henry. stupid cat.
Tags: cats, chloe, henry, leeloo

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