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i'm being a slacker for a couple of minutes. i need to trim my fingernails, they are getting too long to type right.

on my half hour time out i think i will make a CD of courtney love music to listen to over and over during the day. that's how i work, i just put in a CD and play it all day so there is sound. i was putting in Firefly DVDs to listen to while i worked, but they were distracting and i finally got tired of them. what i wouldn't give for that show to come back.

i have a box of new jewelry supplies on the floor next to me and leeloo has been sleeping in it. crazy cat, there's pliers in that box. that can't be comfortable. she's going to be pissed when i move that this weekend.

the shorts i bought a couple of weeks ago are falling off me now. lucky they have a drawstring so i can keep wearing them.

how is everyone doing?

everything is shiny here.

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