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yesterday was the first week annivesary of working on the book project. bit of a celabratory noise inserted here.

i also started on the one sheet (one page to describe the book and why it must be read by everyone) and i think i'm about half way there. granted, i'm a little stuck, that won't last long. i also got a rough outline working and it looks solid.

now i have to start compiling the stuff already written and put it into order so i know what blanks i need to fill in.

now a moment to tell you guys how incredible my life is that my partner on this found me. the universe smiled on us. and her enthusiasm regarding my writing is contagioius and i'm feeling all full of my author self.

a year ago i saw this book in a very limited and small way. planning to self publish it on, i never considered bigger things. then Alisa Marie Bellettini comes along and things start to just click. i know it sounds cliche, but really. pieces falling into place.

and that's about all i have to report. it is all consuming, in a good way.

have a good day!

"When life depends a crime defends a spoken word"

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