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i stepped away from the computer yesterday and today i feel loads better. i was overwhelming myself, and there is no reason to do that. time away from the computer was time to think about things and sort things out in my head.

today i want to play with my new beads, which i'm sure will make doc happy.

we just watched "What's Up, Doc?", the Striesand classic. i love that movie. it was a refreshing change from the new releases we usually get from netflix. i went ape shit one day and added 40 something movies to our queue. most of them older. many of them musicals (oh, won't that just warm doc's heart, or not).

i made myself a "shiny" icon. i couldn't believe i hadn't done it before. silly me. i miss the obvious.

i wonder where in this house are my paper journals. that's one thing i need to find today. i should also go through my zip disks and harvest any writing to be reviewed this week.

i should be helping doc clean off the porch. bye.

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