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it's a sickness . . . i've got 61 of them. so many shiny things. "shiny" being "good and happy". there are even shiny things in the real sense.

is the DaVinci Code any good? the movie. i have it here and can't decide if i want to watch it or not. i need to clean the disk of the Hitcher so i can finish watching it. about a half an hour into it the disk went haywire, and when i took it out i noticed that it was really dirty. i need to get into the habit of checking them before i put them into my dearly beloved "new" DVD player.

i got up so early this morning. 8 am. my usual wake up time is 10. some days i can sleep to noon. i feel like i've been up forever and it's still an hour until doc's check in call. he figured out that it soothes me to talk to him and finding out i'm okay soothes him in its own way. it helps to get his mind off of me for the rest of his day so he can focus on work.

speaking of work, his conversion is a go, he will soon be a full time employee of the big company he's been temping at. 30 days, retroactive to the 9th, and we get insurance. thank all the gods and goddesses and their little minions. i'm good on medication for a month, no problem. and as soon as the prescription coverage is in effect, i have scripts for what i need, namely Cymbalta. and doc can finally get new glasses!!!

then there's the question of the dentist. i need to find a new one.

"ain't there one damn song that can make me break down and cry?"

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