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the saga of my leg hair and it's bitter end

let me preface this by saying i live in a bubble. i don't go out much, one or two times a month. okay then. part of this is that i don't shave my legs. i don't like to, it irritates my skin and frankly i don't have to.

and i thought i was comfortable with that choice. until i stepped into the dressing rooms at walmart today. i tried on a pair of capri pants (they expose the lower leg and ankle, if you're unfamiliar with women's fashoins) and stepped out of the cubby and into the main dressing room area where a few people were waiting. and damned if each and every one of them didn't stare in wonder and at times horror at my unshaven legs. one little girl actually stood and gaped at my bare hairy ankles.

that was the only thing i tried on. i was mortified and beating myself up for making a choice i got so embarrassed about.

i ended up with a delicious pair of mens shorts. camoflauge material with cargo pockets and drawstrings at the bottom. i didn't try them on, i bought the larger size they had and decided i could rely on the drawstring in the waist that is cleverly hidden inside the waist band. i also got a much needed three pack of girly wear and an orange tshirt with blue short sleeves, jersey style. enough to keep me happy until my current pair of jeans wears out. which will be less soon now that i have a pair of shorts i love.

i am going to my doctor's appointment tuesday alone, and i will be shaving my legs beforehand and wearing my shorts.

i'm in a weakened state. living on borrowed enthusiasm. again i am looking to a package of jewelry supplies as my savior to come. it will get here long after i've run out of the cymbalta altogether and am in need of a distraction. anything to keep from hurting myself. it's going to be a long month and i need to pace myself

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