Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

mister coffee is dead

doc went to make a second pot of coffee and the coffee maker did nothing. then he felt the heating plate and it was cold. this is a major bummer. we drink a lot of coffee, especially me. more reason to break out the espresso machine. i wonder if we have any mocha espresso left. damn coffee machine.

i need to copy a CD i made to my hard drive. i have several programs that will do that. time to choose one and get on with my collecting of live Big Country. on that CD i have a copy of Winter Sky live. and i want that on my computer. i'm pretty sure the rest of the live stuff i have is all on the concert sets i now have. all but Winter Sky.

at some point (likely next week when i get my jewelry findings order) i will obsess about something else. but i figure everyone can relate, everyone has a quest. everyone has something they are lacking and feel compelled to search for. for me it is complete Big Country domination. once i have everything i can find, then i will put it all on a CD and have music for hours that doc actually likes at times and tolerates well at others. most of my music drives him away. but Big Country, especially in live recordings, has a folksy sound true to their Scottish roots. this appeals to doc, as he likes folk music from pretty much any culture he has happened upon.

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