Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

thanks to a generous friend, i now have every Alien Skin filter i could ever want. the only downside, which is really no big deal, is that some of them require Photoshop CS2 (which i do have installed) and won't install in Photoshop 7 (which is the one i use). like i said, no big deal. it will force me to learn the differences, and i may end up using CS2 more all around. so i've been playing in Photoshop all morning. and now it is afternoon and i have no intention of stopping. though i may put a CD on or something because it is really quiet in here and for some reason, today it is bothering me.

i have no cute cat pictures (i can hear the sighs of disappointment) today. maybe later. my mission is to get some pictures of jack that don't just look like a black fur blob. my camera doesn't pick out any contrast with him. it's just fur. he's worn out today, his favorite human, the four year old Migi, was over for a couple of hours yesterday and ran him ragged. he absolutely adores this child. we're guessing because it is a human that is his size. they are so cute together. for him i tolerate her. and it's worth it, he was in a good and lovey mood all last night after she left. now he's sprawled on the rocking chair, looking strung out. this would be a good time to get a picture, eh?

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