Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

this is one of the icons i used the screencaps i found to make. i've got doc firefly-ed out. so i'll start watching again on monday. i need to find out which one contains the quote, "we are at the corner of no and where" . . . i think it's the last episode. the one i like the least, with the bounty hunter and river getting into his ship and his head. i've seen it more than others and am tired of it, but watching all the other episodes hasn't found me the quote yet.

we watched Click last night. we laughed at it. cute movie.

today we watched V for Vendetta. i liked it a lot.

i need to scan the netflix $5.99 DVD sales and see if there is anything i'd like to own without downloading it.

episode one of firefly, the hour and a half "Serenity" that fox deemed necessary to air at the end of the run, so i've read. anywhoo, that has become my new sleep-to DVD. meaning i put it on repeat and let it play while i sleep. it's mainly for the times through the night that i wake up, so i hear familiar sounds and feel safe and go back to sleep.

i can't wait to get my bead order. it means i'll have to go up and get the mail myself while the office is open, instead of depending on doc to get it later at night when the office is closed. i already know that the box won't fit in our mail cubby. hell, netflix movies barely fit into our mail cubbies.

doc is napping on the couch, jack is napping in the rocking chair. i could sit in doc's chair but i find it uncomfortable (as well as ugly). i prefer the hard wood of the rocker. and the rocking. i can rock back and forth without anyone thinking anything is wrong. i like that.

ETA: i found the quote in the last episode, as i thought. hee.

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