Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

hee. i just found three and a half pairs of contacts in my bathroom closet. those will more than tide me over until i can get new ones. i have enough that it isn't even a priority for me to get more. doc can get new glasses first. he needs them. it's been too many years. the last time he went to get new ones, he sacrificed them so i could get contacts. i'm just glad i haven't lost them. they are expired, but the liquid in the cases is in tact and i'm wearing expired ones now and they feel and work just fine.

all i have to do now is get my glasses fixed, though i don't think i will ever use them again except for emergencies. i enjoy seeing out of the corners of my eyes too much to go back to the glasses. and i've proven myself a responsible contact lens user. the only time i have trouble is late at night when i take them out, doc has to be in the room. i'm so wonky from my meds that i have been known to drop them. doc suggested i take them out when i take my meds, but i'm too selfish to do that. i take my meds an hour or so before bed because i have to be in the wonky state to go to sleep. and i want to watch TV for the last hour i'm up. so i don't take them out until right before i go to bed. eventually doc will tire of this and i will give in and take them out when i take the pills.

i slept to Dune last night. usually i sleep to the Fifth Element, but i got tired of the first half hour of it that i am awake to hear. Dune is lovely to sleep to. maybe not so much for doc, he turned it off. i woke up in the early morning and listened to the movie for a while and then went back to sleep. i dreamt of the shore. i'll take that over my random strange silence induced dreams.

chloe just jumped up on the desk, i guess she wants my attention. she rarely jumps up here, i can count the times on one hand. time to pet the cat. hee.

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