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yesterday was fun.

we went to dinner at the sunset cafe at a local casino, Sunset Station. doc won 6000 comp points from cashing his paycheck so dinner was free. this is a weird town. (lemme see if i can explain this . . . when you go to a casino and plan to gamble you sign up for a comp card, when you gamble, you put your card in a slot and it gives comp points for play, these points are good for tshirts and other prizes, or they can go towards your meals at that casino. at the Station Casinos, which Sunset is a part of, when you cash your paycheck there, they spin a wheel of prizes, this is how doc won the 6,000 points)

i had a hamburger and then played three dollars in slots. won nothing. i've lost my fascination with the slots. i was never much of a gambler anyway. never more than a few dollars spent. i used to win when i first got here. i'd just walk up to a machine and a couple of quarters later i would have money for a nice dinner.

we came home and watched Aeon Flux. during that the fireworks started and we could see some local ones from our living room, that was pretty cool. Aeon Flux wasn't horrible, either. i may watch it again today.

after i cut my fingernails. that is priority one. i can't type for shit, they are so long. i've always had fast growing fingernails that are very strong. but i like short nails. i guess it's the curly hair conundrum, you have curly, you want straight and vice versa. if my nails were brittle and slow to grow i would want long nails. hee.

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