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david bowie singles

there are no memories connected to this music. listening to this disk is like a free zone in my mind. it soothes me and winds me up in a good way.

i'm still in frustration zone, but this music is really helping me. i may just listen to it all day.

doc left me a full pot of fresh coffee. i love that man. he is so thoughtful.

a few months ago, while on a trip to the store with kelli, i got some international delights coffee creamer from the milk section. now it has become a staple in my coffee diet. doc sees that i am never out of it.

in truth, i'd like to start doing the shopping again, but it is summer, triple digits, and it is dangerous to be out of the house in the daytime. the heat will get me. and my nightmare of wandering the streets here, alone and disoriented comes that much closer to becomming a reality. so i'll wait until fall and then i will start shopping again.

this music is really making me feel good. i love it. i should have made this disk a long time ago.

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