Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm watching Blazing Saddles in widescreen for the first time ever. i burned it over the weekend to make up for our missing tape. i swear over the years i've had at least five copies that either got worn out or lost/borrowed forever.

i am losing my patience getting the farscape seasons. i have the first two on tape and the last two on DVD. but my tapes are wearing out quick and i can't seem to get the seasons to download.

i am a dirty, rotten theif. yep. moving onward . . .

why does the kitchen need to be cleaned all of the time? i don't even trash it like doc does. and weekends he cooks. now that it's a weekday i want to cook, but there's been a demolition crew in there overnight it seems, and i have much cleaning to do before i can cook. boo.

i was feeling rough last night. i was feverish (so i slept with a harry and david's ice pack on my head, which eventually sprang a leak and soaked my pillow with goo), and achy and bitchy. no idea why. i took a cool bath. then i watched tv with doc while clutching my current favorite bear, monty and went to bed early. today i feel worlds better. i guess i just got overheated or something. so long as it is gone today, i'm fine with it. i hate getting summer sick. plus, i'm exposed to so few people, it's hard for me to get sick. i was more cranky with feeling low last night than with the actual feeling low, i'm supposing.

jack meowed at me today. i was amazed. he doesn't meow very often and never before in response to something doc or i did. jack was up in my face while i put my contacts in, and then wound himself around my legs while i washed my face. i looked down at him and said "bedtime?" (which is jack-speak for nurfle and foompy time on the bed) and he looked up at me and meowed as he ran in and jumped up on the bed. such a cute moment. i love that critter more and more as he matures and interacts with us more.

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