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on tea and doc

i drink generic crystal light peach flavored iced tea. it comes in little pre-measured cups, you open the foil on the cup, pour it into 2 quarts of water and mix. i've seen "How It's Made" and i know things like this are automated.

so why did the first little cup contain almost twice the normal amount of tea mix? lords, that was undrinkable. then the second cup was way too "peachy". the third cup? just right. i don't get it.

i also noticed a 2 liter bottle of cola in the fridge. this is a present from doc. i didn't even know he had it stashed somewhere. i am a cola fiend and would drink it exclusively if given the chance. so doc gets it for me every so often as a treat. sometimes he gets it with a bottle of vanilla stoli and makes up the rule that i have to drink it mixed if i am to drink cola at all. oh, and i can't drink before 5 anymore. but there's no stoli this time, just the cola. i love doc. he goes out of his way, still, to make me happy.

and he takes such good care of me. he's given up his life for me. and in return i have promised to stay alive for him. though recently i'm much more able to take care of things around the house to make his life easier. i've even been taking better care of myself on my own, not waiting for his prodding. (with the exception of last night's bath, which required a strong stance on his part to get me to agree and get in the bath instead of going straight to bed)

he even took the netflix movies to mail them back today. but i think that was more driven by his desire to see Casino Royale very soon than anything else. hee.

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