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movie weekend

Lord of War - introspective, disappointing, not at all what i expected
Jarhead - interesting, would watch again, not what i expected
Die Another Day - fun
Resident Evil - a staple
Resident Evil Apocalypse - another staple
Farscape Season 4 - the end of the last episode is still hard to watch
Young Frankenstein - i finally saw the whole thing and loved it

i think that's all we watched.

touching is a weird thing to me. sitting on the couch with doc and his leg rests against mine and i have to fight the urge to pull away. doc asks if it's okay that he is touching me. i tell him yes. and try not to pull away. i don't know why i'm like this. i'm working on it. touching is hard.

i run away in my sleep. or i run toward. i'm not sure. but i kick in my sleep. friday night doc held my legs down until i rolled over and stopped kicking. he has talked to me while i am kicking and i don't seem distressed in my sleep. i just kick. maybe we should sleep with both our heads at the same end of the bed. but that gets uncomfortable to me. i must stop kicking.

time to find things to do today. the kitchen needs to be tidied. then i think i will finally brush leeloo. i know her hiding places and will be able to find her when the time comes. she hates brushes. picky kitty. hee.

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