Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i was pouring dry cat food from the bag into the auto feeder and the stream of food dried up while the bag was still full. upon investigation i found a bag of dry Whisker Lickins treats. score.

only jack and leeloo eat treats, chloe is too good for them or some damn cat thing. so i tried the treats out on leeloo yesterday and she seemed to really like them. bonus. then today i decide to try them out on jack, who is more fun to feed treats to because he takes them out of my hand. jack loves them and he and leeloo swarm my legs and i put a hand out with a treat and leeloo takes it out of my hand. unheard of! now i have to find out where i can get more of these addictive things. they like the Pounce tuna treats i have, but not like these.

i love my cats. and they love me. jack decided we could still be friends today. he's been avoiding me since kelli left. today he started following me around and foomping (a foomp is a collapse on the floor with belly up for tummy rubs) on the floor anywhere i stopped walking. when i went in to check on a sleeping doc, jack ran in and pounced on doc and got in the middle of everything and ended up waking doc up. not so good, jack just gets so wound up. still. hee.

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