Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

yesterday was a success. i completed my list of things to do and took a shower. again i am pleased with myself to no end.

my eyes are competely adjusted to my contacts. no more burning and itching and crap. just clean vision. i love it. when we get insured again, i'm taking my glasses in for repair and getting new contacts. no new glasses for me. don't need them. the ones i have are fine, i just want new contacts.

i tried to take a picture of the strip the other night when we were walking home. but i had the wrong camera. after a year, you would think i would know how to best use my canon powershot. i don't, and still prefer the sony mavica. i just didn't have the mavica with me. i won't make that mistake again. the canon is smaller, but seems to only like to take pictures of beings, people and cats. for that, it works great. but for landscapes it just sucks in my hands.

oh, and i wanted to clarify, because even my shrink asked about it . . . kelli left here on perfect terms. there was no fight, no hard feelings, none of that mess. she'll be out to visit. matter of fact, i should call her today and find out if she's settled into home yet. i'm sure she is. and i'm sure she's loving the weather out in pittsburgh. like i said, there were inquiries and i wanted to make that clear.

anyway, i need to find something to do today. i think i'll start with a netflix movie. i still haven't cleared my room of doc's stuff, so i could do that today. it just isn't a priority since i'm not spending every waking hour in there anymore. the living room and kitchen are clean, and that is all that really matters to me now.

i talked to doc again about a part time job. he nixed the idea 6 months ago, but is now ready to reconsider it. it won't be soon, i need to do well consistently for a while before i make a comittment to an employer. he asked what i wanted to do and i told him i want to stock shelves and tidy up but stay away from cash registers. i don't trust myself with that yet. though that may come as i continue to improve.

once i can get over the flop sweat in any sort of heat, i want to go back to the kitchen. i'll find a job doing prep work and work my way up to the line. i have no problem starting over in my career path. i'll happily go back to the bottom of the pile and work my way out of it like i did the first time. this is familiar territory. meanwhile i can dream of it.

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