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i did it!!!!!

i really did it!

i took the bus/walked to my doctor's appointment. alone. by myself. then i waited in the courtyard alone, reading, for doc to arrive. then we walked to a local casino and had dinner.

then we walked home together.

i have another appointment next month and i'm doing the whole thing alone, to and from.

i am so pleased with myself i can hardly stand it.

when i told my shrink about it, he made a note of it in my chart. i was so proud. i'm still so proud.

and i was only a bit frazzled when we got home.

i did it!

at dinner i had a view into the kitchen and sat and watched the chefs go back and forth and i wanted to be in that kitchen so badly. i miss the kitchen, the heat, the rush . . .

it was a cool night.

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