Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

how long can i sit here and stare at a blank window? i guess that's over with, window no longer blank. let's see how much longer i can sit here staring at these few lines.

i want to have something to write about but all my shit right now is wrapped up in things it shouldn't be. and frankly it's getting embarrassing. the logic fuses in my brain have blown. they may blow the whole board.

at least then i wouldn't have to think about my hair. or my contacts.

speaking of contacts, i lost one the other day. i had more, but losing that one really frelled my credibility. i took a nap with them in and lost one rubbing my eyes. it still hasn't been found. "i worry about you and things like this happen and make me worry all the more", yuck.

i'm trying to kill time until doc gets home. last night i had my birthday pizza and tonight i am hoping for my birthday Stoli. oh wait, i was talking about doc coming home, yes, he may have Stoli with him, but when i'm feeling the way i am, time passes much more quickly when he is home.

i had a daydream where i took everything of value that we own and put it on the lawn and then set fire to the rest of it. i have no idea where that came from, too much CSI, i'm thinking. i don't even like fire, i'm scared to death of it. it was just a thought that popped into my head unannounced and then overstayed its welcome.

i think i've said enough.

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