Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

birthday cake

usually, birthdays are up to a week long. last night was a birthday outing for me, since it was a special occasion and occured during the week of my birthday.

today i got birthday cheesecakes from my Harry and David's angel. key lime and black berry and strawberry and chocolate marble. yum. thank you!!

there was the question of my birthday cake. let me say that doc is an incredible cook. he has the inate tallent to just throw things together and make great food. the problem is, he applies the same technique to baking. and baking is as much a science as an art. even in my most cheffy of days, i would not have altered a baking recipe. so doc's baked goods come out strange. good tasting, always, but strange in texture or what not.

after a lemon bar incident over the weekend, i lamented to kelli that i didn't know what all would happen to my birthday cake. and she said the most beautiful thing, "don't worry about it, i've got it covered, i already got all the stuff for it". sigh of relief. doc tries hard, but i just want a normal cake. and bless him, i don't think he could do it, i don't think he could resist the urge to enhance it somehow.

does this make me a monster? i hope not. i know it's just a cake, but i'm craving just a cake. hee.

so many people with not enough to eat and i'm being flippy about a cake. on the other hand, i want my birthday to be special. and good cake = special to me this year.

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