Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the list project

so, doc and i are keeping a notebook open and he writes things down for me to do during the day while he is at work and i do them and everyone feels better because i did.

okay, that resaid, this morning, added to my couple of tasks, was "thank you" written next to "iron doc's shirts". and he crossed out the task. i couldn't stop smiling after i saw that, it was such a wickedly caring thing for him to do. he always sucker punches me with his love. i'm so glad we found each other.

anyway, enough of that. warm gooey feelings do go well with my coffee, but i'm not the sort right now to go on about it.

he's trying to find me an 18" Jack Sparrow from the new movie for my birthday. walmart is advertising them, but they aren't on the website as of wednesday, i need to check again today. again, that is love, because we have no room for a new action figure right now. but the choices were Jack Sparrow or a new teddy bear. and since i sleep with three teddy bears, one large tigger and a tigger pillow, i guess he figured he was better off with something that will sit on my dresser. we sleep at opposite ends of the bed (except when i'm kicking him, then i sleep on the couch), so occasionally he will end up curled up with a bear that he thinks in his sleep is a cat.

speaking of cats, i let leeloo disappear again. she does it every day and i don't know where she goes. and i get great separation anxiety when i can't get a head count. i know where chloe and jack hide. i can find them, i have no clue where leeloo would go. i set up henry's old basket for her to sleep in, and she does sleep in it quite a bit, but it isn't her main hiding place.

next week i get to meet lj friend rkmlai, who is in town doing many good deeds. seriously, read the journal, many many good deeds. we're meeting for gelato at the Bellagio, i can't wait! (and i will bring my cameras since there is so much good stuff to take pictures of there).

leeloo is back! time to go brush her, that will piss her off, but she needs it.

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