Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

spring ends in the desert

leeloo's sprawled out, belly up napping reminds me that it is unseasonably warm out. 95 this morning. we got a long, unseasonably cool and extra long spring, and now we pay for it with unseasonably warm (bloody hot!) temps.

one more reason i stay inside during the day. come to think of it, i stay in at night, too.

this weekend was a blur. i finally got both Resident Evil movies on tape. people were here and there. jack's buddy came over. Q has a daughter that is about 4 now and jack is in love with her. he lets her pick him up, he follows her around, much to her thrill. S was over one night. doc went out one night. the whole two days went so quickly. though i'll bet it went more quickly for doc.

my legs are sweating . . . i hate that. no other part of me, just my legs. i have a fan in the bedroom that i point at myself for most of the day, only escaping the blowing air to smoke a cigarette here and there. like now.

i think i'll call my nana.

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