Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i woke up as doc was leaving . . . his ride hadn't shown up so he was waiting on a cab. i hope he got to work on time.

then i fell back to sleep until noon thirty. i feel so rested.

i'm working on the photo charm for the dream come true ebay buyer. long ago, someone emailed me instructions on how to make the charms a certain way, and i did that for a while and then invented my own way to do them that is really quite simple. and now i'm passing on the technique to kelli so maybe she can find her own application for it. i will say openly that liquid sculpey is a wonderful thing.

fire mountain gems is having a $1 sale. so i've been surfing that site and building a shopping list. tonight i'll be able to order the stuff and pay my web host.

i also need to wash my hair today. which i hate doing. it is getting so long it is a pain in the ass that i would rather not deal with. then, when it is dry it just sits on my neck making me hot and i end up tying it back. so what is the use of long hair? i'm trying to get it longer than ever before, hoping it will straighten out a bit once it is very long and heavy. but it seems to just be getting curlier. i also need to redye it. i can't believe i'm old enough to have as much grey as i have.

speaking of which, i'm less than a month from 38. that hits me in little waves.

i checked and only got to a list of psychiatrists, no psychologists. i did find out that mammograms are covered. joy. oh, and colorectal screenings. i'm that old. hee.

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