Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm sitting here slowly getting drunk. cocktail hour started at 4:20. i have to keep some semblance of tradition, right?

i saw Pretty in Pink for the first time last night. i'm now wanting to blare 80s music. but i am supressing that urge. for kelli's sanity and my survival. hee.

i got a box of inspiration and beads from siobhan_1 today, thank you!! the glass beads will be the first i use and the pink plastic rings will become a part of the hanging curtain i'm making.

i have a bracelet to make and mail out. i'll do that up tomorrow.

vanilla stoli should be a vice unto itself. i am trying to go through this bottle more slowly. i paid for it with two sold pride necklaces. i love things that i earn. this has been a good ebay month. two sales of multiple items. most months i don't sell anything. i have to put more pride items up in time for people to buy them for pride day. and i have to make more CD suncatchers. time to bring out the dremel tool and make a mess. but i love the things. they are so cool when finished. this reminds me that i need to get more beads for pride necklaces. i'll go to now and start setting up a shopping cart. i have a budget and i have a couple of things i need to find before i get stuff. i remembered that i have several yards of black silk cording, which will save me $$ if i can find it.

off on another tangent. . .

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