Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what a great weekend. doc and i hung out and spent quality time together. he also ran a bunch of errands. we got our finances in order for the month. a great weekend.

last night we watched Planet Earth and then S came over for a while.

doc got me another bottle of vanilla stoli, so i had cocktails last night while we hung out. i noticed i don't get drunk when i'm drinking at home. i get buzzed and stay that way. it's nice.

i stopped watching the virginia tech coverage because i couldn't handle the media's ignorance about mental illness. questions like, "shouldn't he have been expelled because of his mental problems?" just made me angrier and angrier. it isn't that cut and dried. so i just stopped watching the news. it's good to take a break from it anyway.

i have the appointment with my therapist in two days. hopefully she will know how many times i can see her per month. if it's only once a month, i don't know that it will be worth it. so much happens in a month . . . well, internally so much happens.

doc has heard that the benefits package is pretty sweet. especially dental. this is a relief to me because i need so much dental work. hopefully the mental health benefits are at least half as good. we'll know in july.

it's windy out, jack is acting weird. the wind makes him very clingy and affectionate. he will go outside on the porch and sit in the wind for a few minutes, then run in here and jump on me. he likes to climb up my back when i'm sitting on the bed. he plays with my hair. such a cute cat.

henry used to sleep on magazines and papers and jack has started that. i was looking at the new fire mountain gems catalogue and he came up on the bed and lay down on it so i had to pay attention to him. it was such a henry thing to do. jack is growing up into a fabulous cat.

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