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i'm running out of cigarettes. kelli went up to the store earlier this morning. could i even think about going up there alone? hmmm. doesn't seem so scary.

it is wonderfully cool here today. it's been upper 80s and low 90s . . . very unseasonable. but today it's around 70 with a nice breeze blowing. no a/c for us today. open windows will be fine. this is perfect weather.

i started cleaning my room yesterday, finally. i didn't get far, but i got a lot done. i got all the clothes put away. jack has a clean chair to perch on now. the only thing i left out was my leather, which is on the seat of the chair because the cats like to sleep on it. they all love leather.

today i have no plan. back to the usual. sit and watch tv, zone out . . . nap.

i just remembered that i have to get in touch with someone. time to go out to the other computer, where my email is.

have a great day. sending warm thoughts to those still immersed in winter. =}

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