Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i just now figured out that the stoli tastes great with my sugarless peach iced tea mix. the peach eats up the flavor of the vodka. see, that is my stop gap. i don't like the taste of alcohol and won't drink anything (smirnoff . . . most vodkas but stoli) that tastes like alcohol. i hate wine and barely tolerate beer on occasion. stoli is an expensive habit, though. and i can't stay drunk forever. i could try, but it wouldn't go over well. not with all the meds that i take. i know that. this is just a lark that i'm on.

i saw most of survivor tonight. i love that show in a sick way. kelli is right about one thing, the Deadliest Catch is the only reality show where people die, and is therefore the only one worth watching. but we make exceprions for gene simmons' show because the kids are so cool. i go a bit further, i love the pointlessness of the Bad Girls Club. and survivor, love that.

i took some pictures of jack sitting atop clothes piled on a chair, i'll have to pick one and put it up tomorrow. i don't think i have the patience or coordination to do it right now. hee.

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