Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'll be as close to hungover as i get once Lost rolls around this evening.

i made doc drink (a sip of beer, he's not the part time lush i am) a drink to anna nicole as i took a xanax with my cocktail. he said it was morbid, i said it was a reality check to me. just like courtney love has kept me from hanging out new york windows, trashed. inspiration and life lessons come at you at weird angles, try to keep an eye out.

anna nicole had klonopin in her system, a drug i've just chosen to switch to and one that i know lots of horror stories about. maybe i should stick with the xanax. i don't drink with the klonopin, any more.

and i'm not drinking a lot. last night was the first time for many days, a few at least. doc and i put a hurt on a bottle of orange smirnoff. ack, what trash. smooth as the bulk of my dremel tools. so i was happy when he brought home a bottle of stoli last night. i'll drink until i run out of cola, and that will be soon. couple hours at most. and i don't seem to get drunk at home, i just get buzzed. go figure. i have to be out to get the embarassing effects of it.

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