Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

kelli's birthday is tomorrow! hopefully doc got her gift on his way to work today. if not, i can go back this afternoon. we have all sorts of surprises in store for her.

i feel pretty fucking good today. i didn't even have a morning pre-emptive xanax. though i have been smoking like a chimney. i'm almost to the point where i want to stop smoking. i don't feel impervious to disease any more like i did in my 20s.

the cats are running from kelli and the vacuum. they try to be brave and hold their ground, but they always chicken out at the last moment. jack keeps running into the room and then out of it. he'll be wound up all afternoon.

the weather is fantastic. it's supposed to be 89 today. it was that warm earlier in the week when kelli and i went to the dollar store. i was so proud of myself for not passing out. i seem to be tolerating light better, the heat not so much. but that is why the desert dwellings are air conditioned.

doc got me coke to mix with vanilla stoli, but i've been drinking the cola without the vodka. so when it comes time to drink, i'll have no cola to mix. damn my impulsiveness. i could just start drinking now, but then i'd be hung over by evening. besides, it's still moring.

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