Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

doc says it seems like i've given up.

tomorrow i'll make a shrink appointment. i've kind of been blowing it off as i deteriorate.

my memory is the thing. i've lost a lot of the time just before the ECT, six months or more. and there is this paperwork that doc says i filed and i have no memory of filing it and no idea where i would have filed it. so today my task is to find it.

the cats have gotten more energetic since the introduction of wet food into their diet. they run around like mad creatures and play a lot more. i've also introduced jack to catnip, and that turned out to be hilarious. jack is also trying to cuddle up with leeloo like he did with henry. leeloo is skeptical of the boy's motives, but if one of us is around, she will hold still and not growl for a brief grooming or a few kisses from jack.

today i think i'll ask kelli if she wants to watch memiors of a geisha. then i'll watch it again tonight with doc.

i need to go to the post office today. that will get me out into the sunshine. that will be nice. it rained yesterday and it was so cool. i took a picture of it like i always do. rain hitting the pavement. i love rain. if it is going to be cloudy, it should rain. today there is no sign of the clouds from yesterday. it is a bright sunny day. i love living here.

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