Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i did spend most of yesterday out in the living room with kelli. we watched tv and talked and played with the cats.

this morning i have only come out to check my email and write this entry. and my email is checked and i don't know how long this entry is going to be.

i wish i felt better in the living room because no one is in it right now. doc is sleeping in our room so i have to keep the tv right below where i can hear it. i get a few words here and there. so i find visual things to watch instead of things that must be listened to in order to enjoy it.

wednesday i'm going to go get my state ID and find out if i can take my driver's test with a rental. if i have to borrow a car from someone, i'm kind of up against a tall wall there. i don't have anyone i can ask.

once i get my driver's liscense, we can get insurance on the car. i guess how hard that is going to be will factor in to what we do with the car. buying it back from the towing company is going to hurt. we've saved the money. we're just waiting on a permit to move it, which will also be aquired on wednesday.

that's it, back to my room.

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