Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i decided holidays get better if you take the gifts out of the equation. there is a long explanation behind that but i'm not in the mood to go into it.

we went for a walk up to the store yesterday.

and the day after christmas, i talked doc into going to walmart with me for string lights. we also got a new toaster oven that actually toasts. we didn't take backpacks with us and ended up carrying everything home. backpacks are much easier to deal with. i won't make that mistake again. but i got some lights. they are going into storage, since i have no immediate use for them.

speaking of lights, we need to take ours down. i'm not ready to give up the christmas tree just yet, but the outside lights can come down. before the manager gets all bent out of shape about it. i don't need any more crap from her. the whole car thing could have been fixed with a phone call from her, but no. and so i quietly rage over her.

i've been sleeping a lot. the day before yesterday i slept almost 20 hours. yesterday it was only about 16. i've also been hiding in my room and i don't know what that's about. so i just go with it. get it out of my system. i'm not fighting it because i don't want it to get worse. at least i know it isn't a holiday thing. the holidays have been great and new years eve will be great, too. we're not going out, we're staying in and watching the fireworks on TV. there is a lot to do in this town in nye, but it is all very expensive and crowded and none of us like crowds.

this has been fun, but i'm going back into my room now until doc wakes up.

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