Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

a peaceful morning. merry christmas to all and sundry.

we didn't get our walk of lights last night, so we're doing it tonight. the weather has warmed up a bit so it won't be vegas' version of bitter.

i woke up to jack sleeping on my arm and shoulder. he's getting too cute with this mommy time he's established. any time i am on the bed, it is for him. and according to doc, jack gets upset when i'm asleep and eventually just collapses onto me and goes to sleep. it makes up for the time i am not in bed and he ignores me. chloe is the lover of the group, during the day she is always coming up to me for pets and conversation (chloe is very vocal).

i have danny bonaduce hair. like it was when he was a kid. it's red and parted on the side and naturally curly. danny bonaduce hair. yep. i need to do something about it. part it in the middle and look like a hippie or something. if it isn't gelled, it looks silly. i keep begging it to grow faster.

the steaks came with cooking instructions and tips so i can make them without ruining them. i would hate to fuck up a good piece of meat. i was kind of nervous about that. it's been a long time since i cooked pieces of meat like this and back then i had a huge grill to make them on. and a chef who knew by touch how done a piece of meat was. i almost got to that point.

i'm bound to go off on some strange tangent, so i'll just say merry christmas day everyone. =}

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