Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

we got a package from my Harry and Davids fairy. yummy pears and caramel corn and apple cake and crispy oriental rice trail mix!

joy! =}

i never send christmas cards because of many different reasons. but i got a lot of them, they are up on the mantle and i want to say thank you to everyone who sent cards. that was sweet. =}

doc has to work today. and i have no more cookies to make. i ran out of recipes. i'm still toying with doing snickerdoodles, but not yet. we have several dozen cookies as it is and i'm the only one who eats them, i think. doc may help me out on this. plus he is taking some to work.

thanks to doc's parents, we are having filet mingnon tomorrow. i have to research how best to cook it. i don't want to frell up a nice cut of meat.

in super happy news, doc got me some real nag champa and i have been burning it happily. he also told me that the owner of the store he gets it from remembers talking to me about books and consignment and is interested! how cool is that?

kelli and i are going for a walk tonight to see the christmas lights in local neighborhoods. i can't wait. when we had the rental car, we drove through several places out of walking distance and it was glorious. nothing better than christmas lights.

yesterday i thought i was cookied out. but it turns out i'm not. it's a good thing i've been going for walks and not eating much else besides cookies. i'm going to be a rolly polly girl by the end of this holiday season.

i dyed my hair yesterday and finally got rid of the roots. now it's back to copper. i'm much happier with it now. i don't mind so much looking in the mirror. it's redder than in the icon, but just as bright and shiny.

jack has placed himself as the supreme mama's boy. if i go into the bedroom, no matter what the reason, he runs in and jumps up on the bed for happy kissy face time. and if i don't go lay down on the bed with him he pouts and then runs maniacally through the apartment. he has resumed his normal eating of the dry food and i decided that a can of wet food daily would be a nice supplement and treat for he and his sisters. so now we have a whole new set of behaviors that go along with the wet food.

there is the begging of individuals, then the group begging, then the tripping of the "bigs", and finally the victory dance when the wet food is brought out and opened. jack gets the can to get the remnants out of and leeloo gets the bowl. chloe takes little interest in wet food and does not participate in the above mentioned behaviors. then jack gets his face cleaned off. by us, since no one will groom him.

there really is no grooming going on since henry died. he and jack groomed each other. now jack tries to groom the girls, but usually gets hissed at for his efforts. he was able to get a few licks to leeloo this morning when she joined happy kissy face time. that was cute.

and i guess all this cute, paired with the happy lights, just has me giddy. i'm glad kelli is here. and i'm glad that doc and i are getting along. and i'm glad that the cats are all healthy.

it's a great holiday, what can i say? happy merry to all of you.

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