Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the coffee is brewing. i got some mint chocolate truffle creamer. i was using egg nog as cream in my coffee, but it expired (i can never finish a quart of egg nog, i don't know why that is).

jack is my close companion. i woke up with him half under my shoulder. i woke him up with fuzzles and we cuddled for a while. he still won't eat the dry food. so we're giving him canned food and he's eating that right up. i think the pepcid is working because about a half hour after we give it to him, he gets all frisky and starts attacking the girl cats like normal. today the vet will call with the blood results and we'll find out if he has any sort of infection that caused this puking fest and no eating dry food. actually, i wouldn't eat the dry food either if i spent a day puking it up. i think he's just being gentle with his tummy. and there has been no more puking.

jack just pounced chloe, the game of 'assasin' is on. i look at him and think there can't be anything wrong. he isn't lethargic at all. he is a little clingy, but that could just be a ploy to not have to go back to the vet.

i've been reading my manual for my digital camera i got from the camel cash promotion. it has many features and many buttons and i figured it was about time i used them. so far i've figured out how to make the picture bigger and how to make a video. all i need is a larger memory card for video making. and i'm in no hurry for that. i just want to know what all the buttons do.

the vet just called, everything looks okay with jack. he must have gotten into something he shouldn't have. we'll be much more careful from now on, but it is good to know that a half a pepcid can ease cat tummies. i'll have to try it with leeloo, who pukes once a week.

leeloo is enjoying her new "alpha" status. finally it has been decided. she and henry shared it, then henry gave it up to jack who then shared it uneasily with leeloo. now that jack has come home smelling like vet and not like the other cats, leeloo has taken charge. the funny thing is that she is now much more tolerant of humans and even goes so far as to be friendly. i guess now that she's the boss of things, she doesn't mind asking a human for pets.

the xmas tree video is here. it isn't very interesting, but i posted it because i could. i love

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