Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

being back at the pet hospital, at the time, was not as stressful or frought with memories as i thought it would be. of course now, after the fact, i'm a little freaked out, but mostly glad i got jack home okay. i guess in the moment i was just too worried about jack. dawn today brought a brightness to the carpet that showed yellow bile stains. that got me really worried. that, and i've never had a cat that puked everything up all day long. henry was sick when he was doing it, what is jack's excuse? bad tummy and likely nothing else. i can live with that.

having kelli here and being able to talk to her about life and the world we live in has really helped me get perspective on a few things. the problem is, i want action now. and that doesn't happen around here. i sit and think of ways to motivate change. ways that are inobtrusive and not manipulative at all. i don't want to be a nag. i also don't think that i need to be stressing out about some simple things. the idea is to coerce change, not to force it. more flies with honey and all that.

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