Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

so jack is sick.

he's still walking through the apartment, howling/meowing and throwing up. solid food, water, wet food or nothing at all. he's not keeping anything down.

and i am freaking out. the vet isn't paid off yet, almost, but not yet and i don't know if they will see him while i still owe on another animal.

this will pass. everyone say it with me. jack is fine, just having a bad morning.

i took him out to eat some grass, but he's not a grass eater and the noise of the freeway scared him.

in between fits of puking, he is being his normal self. tormenting chloe, playing on the bed.

i've opted to stay up. if for no other reason than to mark the puke spots so i can steam clean them when kelli gets up (the cleaner is in one of her closets).

he just had a problem with the dog door. of course, it's for dogs. hee.

i'm worried.

he's out on the balcony, on the table, looking over the edge. his favorite place to be. he watches the chipmunks on the hill and the birds picking up olives from the parking lot.

i'm going to go keep an eye on him. he never has problems with the dog door. he uses it better than the others, in fact. little things like that worry me.

i know i'm just worried because of henry. i don't want to lose another. so i'm stressed out.

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