Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

meme stolen from btripp

Go into your blog’s archive and copy the first sentence from eachmonth of this past year. Skip Pictures and Meme’s. Only copy sentenceswhich you actually wrote. This will give you a miniature review of youryear:

Happy New Year! may this be a better year for those of us who need it,and may it see the joy of 2005, wherever we found it, continue!

pictures back on the walls, everything not supposed to be there isgone. today i'm going to shock everyone and steam clean the carpets. ican't take the stains now that they all show since the floor is clear.

i have to go to bed later.

Boo had a sleep filled couple of days where he didn't eat or play.

if it weren't for free stuff, i'd have nothing. really.

That she's doing ok after her ECT treatment, a little groggy and confused but is in a more stable mode emotionally. (written by doc)

wow, that just sucked balls. our modem died and it took two weeks forthe cable company to figure it out and tell us about it.

i don't whine a lot. just around doc, apparently.

first: the upgrade of the computer of doom.

we cleaned out the workroom and changed tables. this, for me is monumental.

a clear sign that kam316 is almost here: i just took down all of her paintings that were for sale on ebay.

doc and i get up early and grabbed the bus to my shrink appointment.

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