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a day of normalcy

doc and i get up early and grabbed the bus to my shrink appointment. then we came home and i took my meds. shortly after taking them, i decided i wanted to go thrifting for a new pair of jeans.

so kelli and i went adventuring. i took her on the bus for the first time.

we walked up to carl's jr so i could get my western burger fix and then hopped a bus down tropicana to the strip malls. there are two right next to each other with goodwill in one and savers in the other. so at goodwill i found a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt that looked new and unwashed. $5 for both. yeah. and the jeans fit great. so does the flannel, it's a bit big so i can wear something underneath it.

then on to fashion bug where kelli picked up winter wear and bought me a tailored tshirt with a lace up neck. perfect for underneath the flannel.

then we went to savers, where we hunted through miles of xmas stuff until we found a couple of boxes of older ornaments. the tree is now full. $15 for the tree. no money for the vintage ornaments. $3 for the ornaments today. and now the tree is as full as it can get. and i've been messing with it since i got home and put the new ornaments on it. it must be perfectly balanced. one set of ornaments were blown glass bears with scarves and candy canes on them.

and i learned a couple of things. always take a xanax before the shrink appointment, and it is okay to go out on my day meds so long as kelli is with me. actually i can only leave if kelli or doc are with me.

in all, a great day. doc got a new debit card so i can pay my bills and reactivate netflix.

getting the car back is going to cost some serious money, but we have some saved up since the henry drama, since we haven't put any money on his vet bill. maybe i'll go do that tomorrow, since i want to go back to goodwill and try to buy two beanie hats i should have bought today. one was hand made and really cool. the other was basic black.

we will get through this. we always do. and i have new jeans with no holes in them. yay!

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