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what a morning

well, i got two fitty in hand. hopefully that is enough to get the car towed back and pay whatever fines. i'm still waiting for the towing company to call me back. doc wanted to go get it tomorrow morning, but that would be so illegal, i'd just rather have it towed back.

while talking to the property manager i heard all sorts of nonsense. she put it all off on the towing company. not helpful. i asked about the addendum to the lease prohibiting any tow trucks to return cars to the lot. she said that was for cars that didn't work. i bit my tongue at the dark irony of the situation and the things she said.

the whole thing has left me unmoved. i think we knew it was bound to happen, no matter how we tried not to let it. i've been fighting this war for months. we got the car fixed so it wouldn't happen. kept the windows clean, and tried to keep the tires pumped up. i noticed the rear one was low yesterday but i didn't want to bother doc with it. and that is why it got towed. so when we get it back, we need two new tires. and some fix-a-flat in the meantime.

what a day. kelli is out getting a phone, since the one we have doesn't seem to ring. at least we found that out today. hee. no wonder no one has been calling. it was also going to an old voicemail. i'm sure that confused kelli's mom.
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