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losing the battle

our car was gone this morning. it had been towed by the apartment complex. i called and didn't freak out on the office manager. now i have to call the towing company. it was suggested that i cry. i may just be that frustrated by the time i call.

and we found out our phone doesn't ring. brilliant.

this car thing is wearing me down. the manager suggest i keep it somewhere else. i told her there was no where else, that we paid rent here and this is where we wanted our car. i told her it does get driven, around the complex. i can't believe this has happened. i never can believe when things go sideways. and things are always going sideways.

so i'll call and find out how much money this is going to cost us and try to scrape up the money. rent comes first. maybe we can fight it.

it is a beautiful day out. that's a happy thing.

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