Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

we got the four foot tree. i know it's early to put it up, but i didn't want to wait and got a bit obsessed about it. doc says it's funny looking because it is so thin. i think it is beautiful.

i want to write, but i don't know what to say. i could chronicle the movies we've watched (which are many). we just aren't doing that much. i'm a lazy bum and haven't cleaned up like i should. and i can't make any art until i do clean up.

there is no crisis to deal with. focus is hard to find in peace for me. i've been driven by the immediacy of things, and now i find i have no drive or focus at all.

we made cookies last night, doc and i. chocolate butterscotch chip. i had no idea that adding cocoa powder to cookie dough made such a difference, these cookies are fabulous! i don't think i'll ever make chocolate chip cookies the normal way again. it's just too good with the cocoa powder.

jack and leeloo are playing assasin . . . i think leeloo is the mark. they keep slamming into things. the blinds, the cat door, the rocking chair. assasin is their favorite game. it is also known as Demon Space Kitty.

memories of henry come back now and don't hurt so much. i don't cry when i think of him anymore. the stuff i remember is all how happy he was and how loved he was and how much love he gave back. i was told i had to expect his death, and i said i certainly did not. he was getting better. whatever, people are strange animals to me. i get on so much better with the cats than i do people.

i'm the only one awake right now, and the place is so quiet. with the exception of the cats. no TV, no music, just quiet. i'm rather enjoying it.

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