Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the story

on the 7th doc got up early to finish cleaning out kelli's room. this was the room we were keeping henry in, so he was in there with doc, getting underfoot and being a better kitty.

when i got up i fed him and he threw up and i fed him again.

i noticed that he was laying differently and picked him up. he was completely limp. i hugged him and held him and asked him to not die.

i lay him on the couch next to me and cuddled with him. at one point i came over to the computer and heard a crash and a thump, i went over to the couch and henry was on the floor. i assumed he had fallen off the couch. i put him back on it and sat with him. i put him on the floor as i posted in here and got another feeding ready for him.

i fed him with no fight and no puking or choking and figured things were good.

all through this i didn't yet think he would actually die.

then henry tried to jump off the couch. his legs went out from under him and he landed on his face. i picked him up and cuddled him and started to cry. this was the point i knew i was going to lose him.

i lay him on the floor to avoid any more face plants and he just lay there. he would try to get up occasionally and his legs would just collapse and bring him down.

kelli got here early and henry was laying on the floor. we cuddled and kissed him.

while we were talking, i noticed henry was having problems breathing and his tongue was sticking out a little. my heart sank. i picked him up and held him. his breathing got sketchier by the minute and i called doc out from the bedroom, i knew henry was leaving us.

i just held him and petted him as he passed in my arms.

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