Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
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B is saving me once again. to the vet then to pick up something fast for dinner and then back here to watch "the departed". hopefully we'll have henry with us when we come back. i don't know what is going to have to be done. this all started when he popped out one of his stitches right at the instertion point. we don't know when that happened. sometime yesterday, i know that much.

okay, i won't stress any more until i get to the vet. then i'll wait for the treatment plan and then stress out. we got more than a teaspoon of bloody pus out just by pressing lightly on the big bubble of it that was under henry's skin. we probably shouldn't have done that. just left it for the vet to do. but we're hands on parents like that. and it didn't seem to be hurting him too much, he didn't pull away or struggle at all while we cleaned it off. then we put newskin on the small hole from the popped stitch that was also leaking pus. please don't let this mean surgery. henry, doc and i would be crushed with that outcome. he already had the surgery to insert the tube. though no big surgical deal, it does require general anesthesia. and i wouldn't want him to have to go under again so soon, in his weakened state.

my lj friend, jacqui is having kitty illnesses, too. but she's just lost two cats. that makes the whole thing with henry slide into perspective. i feel so bad for her and her losses. it makes me greatful that we still have options with henry. it makes me feel lucky. and my heart's wishes go out to her.
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