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Cydniey Buffers

i have just closed off the next to the last place henry can hide. and the last place is doc's closet and henry isn't spry enough to jump up to get anywhere. if he was pouty before, he's just plain goth now. i couldn't pout this well. he lay facing the door to my room, tail straight out behind him. he is a missle of kitty will, trying to open the door with his mind. his dark kitty mind of the pout.

now that i've taken his bed out of his pen and put the litterbox there, i can't find a place for his bed. though he seems to have lost interest in it. i don't know if it's the bed or where the bed was. if i can find a place off to the side to put the bed, he may start to use it again.

so the apartment complex people are transforming the tennis court into a full on playground. they've built a cinderblock and concrete retaining wall that is ugly as all get out, and now they are filling it with a metric ton of wood chips. the bench that is bolted into the tennis court surface now is squatting height. brilliant plan. not so attractive. and now the small kids have no place to ride their bikes. except the walkways. that will be cool. or not. silly apartment complex people. while i appreciate that wood chips are a safer surface, especially at the depth they are making it, i see a future of wood chips dragged everywhere. and kids. screaming happy kids. i'm such a scrooge.

i've decided, since henry seems to throw up every third feeding, to skip the third feeding and give him an extra hour to digest what i've already given him. this doesn't go well with his quota, but throwing up contributes to his dehydration and i'm trying very hard to control the dehydration. that will help rid him of the jaundice. i just checked his ears and they look much greyer, which is good, he's grey. i think the medication is working. please let the medication be helping.

i'm going to have to take him back to the vet for a check up. i'll deal with that when i have to.

my biggest problem is a/d hills canned food, at $25-$34 for 12 day's worth, it is really hard. i'm also almost out of reglan. i've dropped his dose back down to 1/4 pill, but that will only make it last another 2 days. we're on top for rent, but not for these things. we are bad pet parents. and to get to the vet to get these things, i have to bug B, and i'm starting to hate that because we're friends and i don't want him to feel like i'm using him. i should be able to get to the vet on my own, damnit. once kam316 gets here, i'll be able to drag her on the bus with me and help me keep it together. she's always been really good at helping me keep it together.

then i need the ride to the storage unit. B has a truck, which is ideal. but doc has to go there first and change the lock and again with the not wanting to seem to be using B. i feel better when i've got money to buy him lunch or dinner and hang out for a bit, take a break from the driving. that will come when it comes. doc can take the bus up to check it out to see how much room there is and pay the bill and change the lock. it's just getting our stuff up there that the need for a ride comes in, and i don't know when we'll be ready for that.

when i have the car legal and insured and my liscense back, i am giving rides to every one i know who needs one to make up my ride karma.

today i am cleaning out my closet enough for doc's dresser to go into it. then i may trade him dressers. that way he doesn't have to go into the closet every morning to get his clothes, since it will be cramped in there. plus my drawers are deeper (hee), and that would suit him better. i just have to get the clothes that don't fit me out of my dresser and off my hangers.

leeloo sniffed out henry and decided he belongs yesterday. she walked by him several times and sniffed without growling or hissing. she's really big on the growling. she'll just lay down and growl at something she doesn't like. i'm glad she finally recognized him or whatever she needed to do to lose the hostile attitude toward him. he does a lot of roaming around now and gets into places where she likes to sleep and it's nice to know i no longer have to baby sit her to make sure she doesn't hurt him.

jack is now trying to get my bedroom door open for himself and henry. he's actually strattling henry and clawing at the underside of the closed door. while i admire his inventiveness, this is something i must stop. after all, he's fickle and easily distracted. a couple of hours ago, he was clawing at the underside of the door from the other side, trying to get out of the bedroom.

we've had toys that hang from the door knobs for a year now and jack has just noticed them. i think he thinks they are somehow related to getting the door open. he tries to chew through the string on the one on the front door. and tries to walk away with the toy in his mouth like the string isn't there. and it will inevitably snap back to the door and leave him startled and looking for an assailant. silly kitty.
Tags: apartment drama, cats, henry, ramble

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