Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oh yeah, this is war

henry somehow, i still have no idea how, got back under my bed. i had to deconstruct my room. it's all put back together now and he is sulking at my closed bedroom door. he is definitely getting his energy back. he also peed on the floor. i have to move his litter box.

he sniffed at the food in the communal dish today but didn't eat any. he didn't try to clean it up, either. he just curled up in chloe's space under the speaker near the door to the balcony. chloe had no issues sharing it with him.

i'm bummed i can't let henry back in my room. it's just too stressful getting him out from under the bed, there isn't a lot of room for the bed to be moved. i don't want to stress him out when i'm getting him for a feeding. that is guaranteed vomit.

he won't sit through a feeding, i have to keep stopping him from walking away. at times i have to put him in my lap which causes him to whine the whole time. that is fun, i get to rub his belly and he gets to mew about how much he hates me. i can be hated. and i love hearing about it. the days when he wasn't making any noise really scared me.

i'm all full of confidence today. medicating the cat went well. i got the DVD/VCR player hooked up all by myself and got it programmed with just a little bit of help from the manual. i got my room put back together in record time and i picked up the boxes kam316 sent out ahead of her (and i took the car to do it). i'm all full of accomplishment. i'm also almost done with the laundry. oh, and i took some trash out when i went up to get the boxes.
Tags: henry

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