Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

henry slept in our bed with us last night. doc even slept with his head at my feet so he could snuggle henry. he also set up a towel as a barrier from my kicking either of them. it worked, no one got kicked. henry is back up on our bed now.

i'm concerned that he's stopped using his litter box on his own. he peed on the floor last night. i have to watch him carefully and know the signs and get him to the litter box. last night i wasn't watching him so carefully.

i have the DVD player all packed up and ready to go back to Fry's. i hope that works out.

and i have $20 to take to the vet for food for henry. provided i can get to the vet. i still haven't asked B. since we don't have anymore of the food he's getting friskies and vita cal. together they won't make up all the calories he needs, but they will almost get there.




time to go feed henry. wish me luck. =}
Tags: henry, jack, leeloo, photos

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