Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

feeding time is all the time

i am giving henry as much food as he can handle. he throws it up, i feed him again . . . and i'm still not getting nearly enough food into him. stress. an ounce an hour is not enough. it needs to be double that, at least. but he can't handle any more than i am giving him. i guess i'll start doing an ounce and a half and see how he tolerates it.

at least i got the reglan down him with only one new wound. i have to remember to wash the blood off the wall in his pen. i'll do it while he's in the living room. he gets really huffy if you do anything to his pen when he is in it and he will retreat behind the toilet and mew at us.

he doesn't meow anymore, really. he mews if he's upset enough. he can jump down off the couch all right, but he needs to be picked up to be put on it or the chair. he can walk into the pen from the living room, but he needs to lay down as soon as he gets to the living room and pretty much collapses when he lays down.

the only time he shows any energy is when we have to medicate him. other than that he is just a lump of cat.

i watch his breathing obsessively.

i don't know if he is getting any better or if he is getting worse. he's worse than he was when we brought him home. he still meowed for a couple of days then.

his color is coming back, he's losing the yellow tint and his skin isn't loose, so he isn't dehydrated any more. but other than that, i don't know if we are helping, or just watching him die.

i wish i knew.

i can't talk about this with doc, he's dealing with it in his own way.

i'll feel better when we get the pill gun and i know the medicine is getting into him and staying there. and i'll keep feeding him as much as i can.
Tags: henry, whiny little bitch

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