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i just bought the pill gun for henry and his medications. i bleed way too much. tiny holes in my fingers don't bother me anymore, there's just too much blood. and we can't have henry ingesting that. plus i've been finding medication he's coughed up and that isn't good. he needs these meds. so the pill gun it is.

meantime, henry is showing much more strength and will. he wanders around the house, sleeps in different places and even drinks water now and again. i'm not so negative about things as i was. he is going to get better.

and then there is rent, which will be late and cost us $100 more than it should be for that lateness. but that is all we can do.

and i have to go buy more food from the vet tomorrow if i can get there. i'm supposed to go to Fry's with B to take the DVD player in to be replaced. i'll ask him if we can swing by the vet's.

everything is about money. but just for right now. this will pass. we will get through this, we get through everything the universe throws at us.
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